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Cooking Aboard: No Fuss Thai for the Whole Cruising Family

Aug 03, 2021

Boating Tips

Cruising in the Caribbean and Bahamas there definitely is no shortage of fresh fish and Caribbean and American staples to choose from when you are feeling peckish, but what about when you are craving something a little more exotic? Like Thai food?...

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Leopard 45 Owner Profile: First He Conquered the World, Now He Sails It

Jul 13, 2021

Owner Stories, Leopard 45

Joshua Mann was the quintessential young man in a hurry. Now he’s ready to slow down — sorta.

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Sailing Safety: Our Best Tips for Peace of Mind at Sea

Jun 01, 2021

Boating Tips

Sailing is an adventure, and all adventures should be taken seriously. Proper planning is key to ensure that you and your guests are safe out on the water, should anything turn unfavorable. As the saying goes, it is better to be safety conscious...

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Adventuring in Installments: Is Commuter Cruising Right for You?

May 25, 2021

Boating Tips

Does your Leopard bucket list include epic journeys and passages, the kind of trips that take weeks, months, or even years to complete? Have you put those adventures on hold until you are retired or otherwise positioned to become a full-time...

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Ask a Two-Time Leopard Owner & Three-Time Ocean Crosser: Jonathan Zuk

May 19, 2021

Owner Stories, Leopard 45

Jonathan Zuk has jammed a lot of sailing experience into the past few years. Since learning to sail in 2016, the successful entrepreneur has owned two Leopards — a 40 and now a 45 — cruised more than 30,000 miles, and crossed the Atlantic three...

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Bits, Bytes, Dollars and Sense: How to Stay Connected at Sea

May 05, 2021

Boat Buying Process

Cruising is all about escape, about slipping the surly bonds of daily routine and basking in the solitude of the sea. Except when it isn’t about that.

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The Boating Mom: Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Apr 26, 2021
The last 12 have months have been, among many other things, the year for boating. Many families adopted a new interest in this type of social distancing and it is becoming more popular than ever before-- as if it was not popular enough. And in...
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Meet the Bou Crew Aboard SV Jubilee

Apr 21, 2021

Owner Stories, Leopard 48

Sailing time means family time for this crew. Most of us spend our time daydreaming about selling it all to adapt to life at sea, but rarely does anyone act on those dreams. Unless of course, you are the Bou Crew! Meet this fascinating family of...

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Our First Show Since 2019: Palm Beach Boat Show

Apr 15, 2021

A World Turned Upside Down

The end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 turned the world upside down, literally speaking. The COVID-19 pandemic was an uncertain and sorrowful time for many. Not only did the worldwide pandemic negatively affect our...

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Going Off the Grid in the Dry Tortugas

Apr 09, 2021

Leopard 42

Sometimes we need a reality check. Moments that happen when we unplug and forget about the outside world are authentic and unfiltered. How often do you get to enjoy those moments? If you are like most people in the world today, my guess is not...

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22 Questions for Two-Time Leopard Owners

Mar 30, 2021

Owner Stories, Leopard 45

Owning a cruising catamaran on the Chesapeake for years is a dream to so many. But what if life dealt you a hand that provided the ability to own a second one, and you could relive the dream all over again? That is just the situation that new...

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Floating Through the Heart of Florida on a Leopard 53 PC

Feb 23, 2021

Deliveries, Leopard 53 PC

While the salty sea is what most of us cruisers crave, have you ever considered going off the beaten path and letting your boat experience some freshwater? Look no further than navigating the Okeechobee waterway-- the only navigable canal to run...

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Ask a Leopard Owner: Andy and Maki, of Leopard 45 SV Oliluki

Feb 11, 2021

After working for years without a break, this California based couple has decided to slow down and enjoy life at a different pace. With their twin boys, they are navigating unchartered waters as they learn to school and live aboard their 45-foot...

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From Zero to Hero: Learning to Liveaboard

Feb 01, 2021

The dream comes alive in many ways. For some, it’s a lifelong goal to go cruising. For others, they may find their inspiration living vicariously through sailing vloggers. Then there are those who are always seeking the next adventure. Maybe it...

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The Art of Watching the Weather: How to Know What's Coming and When

Jan 20, 2021

Boating Tips

Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it. 

-- Mark Twain

Cruisers talk about the weather more than your average person. And while it’s true they can’t do anything about the weather, every skipper and crew member can - and...

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The Family That Cruises Together, Stays Together

Jan 11, 2021

Owner Stories, Leopard 45

When the Wiggins family — Keith, Alex, and their daughter Dannii —decided to chuck their traditional lifestyle in Sydney, Australia to become full-time cruisers, they didn’t have far to go.

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Family of Four Makes Their Dream a Reality Aboard a Leopard 45

Dec 28, 2020

Owner Stories, Leopard 45

In the beginning it was just a dream, a conversation. Driving near their home along the Southern California coastline, Andy and Marina (aka: Maki) were watching boats sail around Dana Point. Andy remembers, "Marina looked at me and asked 'Do you...

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Ask a Leopard Owner: Kevin and Elizabeth on the Leopard 50

Dec 15, 2020

The Leopard 50 is the perfect family cruiser, and these Leopard Owners want to share with you the in's and out's of owning a catamaran.

The Ask a Leopard Owner livestream with Kevin nd Elizabeth delivered an hour full of valuable content....

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Not Your Typical Holiday Gift Guide for Cruisers

Dec 09, 2020

It's that time of year again and we know that shopping for that perfect gift for that special sailor in your life can get tricky. Holiday gift guides can seem redundant, and what do you get for the person who has everything? After all, we know that...

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Sales Tax on a Boat: Can You Avoid it?

Dec 01, 2020

Boat Buying Process, FAQ

Trying to navigate what the best options are, as they relate to taxes and registering your new yacht can be a difficult feat if you are new to boating. Uncle Sam's rules vary state by state and we are here to shed a little light.

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