Ask a Leopard Owner with SV Thick Chick

This Key West-based couple is currently keeping stress at bay by “sailing the world one island at a time” on their Leopard 40, SV Thick Chick. As you read this, Steph and Marji are cruising, where their biggest worry is whether today’s underwater wildlife pictures will be as stunning as the ones they took yesterday.


Steph and Marji aren’t therapists, but they do have some advice on how to alleviate stress:

1. Get up
2. Stretch
3. Walk to the dock
4. Get on a sailboat
5. Never come back

The Ask a Leopard Owner Livestream with Steph and Marji delivered an hour full of valuable content. Anyone considering buying a catamaran must watch this livestream recording!



After spending 25 years in the service, Marji is now a retired Army Medical Officer, and Steph, after a career of teaching and coaching students, is a retired Educator. They are full-time live aboard sailors who are cruising through life aboard their Leopard 40, SV Thick Chick.


Watch Steph and Marji's recorded livestream to see how they transitioned to the Leopard life and what they’ve learned in the first year of their adventure. The intrepid duo shared plenty of insights based on their experience, including why they chose the Leopard 40 and how they gained the knowledge and confidence to cruise safely and freely wherever their hearts desire. They also answered dozens of questions from other curious cruisers. 


Steph and Marji's Ask a Leopard Owner presentation drew rave reviews from the livestream’s audience, who appreciated the first-person insight. "It was nice to see and hear about the experiences of people who have gone through the journey we are contemplating. For those with the same curiosity, I would recommend this type of content because it is information from a variety of Leopard owners and therefore covers not only many different topics but also many different and honest perspectives.," said one viewer. And another reviewer reveals, "It was insightful and answered a lot of questions I had about transitioning to a liveaboard on a catamaran."


We invite you to press play on the video above and enjoy the recorded livestream!


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