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Powercat Cruising in a Bahamian Paradise

Nov 27, 2018

Leopard 51 PC, Team Leopard

Having lived in Florida my entire life, and with the ability to hop on a short, hour long flight to the Bahamas, you would guess that this Sunshine State local would spend weekends in the beautiful sands of Bimini or in the gin-clear waters of the...

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The Perfect Powercat for Family Time

Nov 21, 2018

Owner Stories

One of the most rewarding parts of my career in Yacht Sales Marketing is gaining the opportunity to meet our different yacht owners. There is something amazing about meeting families who make the most out of their time together by getting out on the...

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Your Guide to Engine Features and Batteries on Catamarans

Oct 30, 2018

Leopard owners all have different plans and ambitions with their sail or power catamarans. Some take their yachts on extensive travels, others stay closer to shore. The most important part of travelling farther away is being able to get your engines...

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Around the Point: A Sunshine State of Mind Delivery

Oct 05, 2018

Deliveries, Leopard 43 PC

If you have spent years delivering power and sail cats on their own bottom from Cape Town to the Caribbean and Florida, then perhaps delivering a Leopard Powercat from Fort Lauderdale to Tampa might sound more like a vacation to you and less like...

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Caribbean Cruising on a Leopard 45

Sep 25, 2018

Leopard 45

After 13 gallons of sunscreen have been applied, when the Pusser's Painkiller Rum starts to wear off, while I can still feel the rolling of the waves as I come back down to earth, and while my sea legs are still activated, I can't help but reminisce...

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The Relationship Between Leopard and The Moorings Explained

Aug 23, 2018

Product Details

It is a question that I am asked all of the time. How are The Moorings and Leopard Catamarans related?  And what are the similarities and difference between the two brands? In this post I will give you all of the details you need to understand the...

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Cape Town to Brazil on a Leopard 43 PC

Jul 24, 2018

Deliveries, Leopard 43 PC

Whether it is your first time or your one-hundredth time, completing a voyage across the Atlantic is always an accomplishment. Losing site of land can be terrifying yet exciting at the same time. It is the thrill of the unknown.  Anything could go...

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Need to Know Facts About Catamaran Construction

Jul 16, 2018

Product Details

Whether is it pure curiosity or whether you intend to own a catamaran, you have without a doubt wondered how they are constructed and the materials that are used to build them. It is the unique process and high quality materials that we use to...

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One Year and 17,000 Nautical Miles on a Leopard 58

Jun 19, 2018

Owner Stories, Leopard 58

Second Wind is a newly built Leopard 58 with a home port of Valletta in Malta. Launched in January of 2017, she has been used extensively by the live-aboard owners while completing three successive Atlantic crossings, clocking over 17,000 nautical...

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Catamaran Windows and Doors: Are They Safe?

Jun 12, 2018

Product Details

It is a common question from potential clients. It is also a fair question. With so many windows and doors on a catamaran that create the open space with almost 360 degrees of visibility, it is only natural that clients want to know abut the safety...

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Best of the Bahamas - Exumas

Jun 04, 2018

Boating Tips

Leopard Owners love the Exumas! And what's not to love? Discover blissful beaches that are uninhabited and isolated. The Exuma Cays are surrounded by prosperous reefs and first-class dive spots. Luckily for you we are going to reveal the best of...

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I bought a boat, now what?

May 22, 2018

You've spent years searching for the perfect boat. You have carefully chosen all of the factory options you would like to include on your boat. The time has finally come for you to take out the checkbook and put down your deposit on the boat of your...

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Preparing for an Atlantic Crossing

You can never be too prepared. Isn't that the truth? This is especially true when it comes to preparing for a month at sea. How does one properly assemble for this voyage? Preparations and planning is months in the making. Outfitting your yacht,...

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Your Guide to Cruising the Seychelles

May 10, 2018

Leopard 51 PC

Have you ever dreamed of soaking up the sun and sipping sangria on the beaches of the Seychelles? If you have, we have the perfect itinerary for you to get the most out of your trip there. If you have not had these visions before, no need to worry!...

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Top 7 Multihull Boat Shows

May 01, 2018

Boat Buying Process

You are ready to take the plunge. Or you aren't. Whether you are on the ten year plan or the ten month plan, it does not matter. We all have to start our search somewhere. And for a large percentage of boat buyers, you start your online research and...

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Leopard 48 Owners Upgrade to a Leopard 50

Apr 25, 2018

Owner Stories, Leopard 50

There is no denying that Randy and Lennie of SV Happy Together have got it figured out. They work hard and they play hard. Life is all about balance, isn’t it?

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Best of the Bahamas - Eleuthera

Apr 12, 2018

Boating Tips

At this point in your Bahamas sail shakedown you will be eager for even more islands offering an array of activities. If you are looking for diversity, look no further than the skinny island of Eleuthera! At the widest point of this island it is...

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Best of the Bahamas - Abacos

Apr 03, 2018

Boating Tips

To continue our series that is all about the beautiful Bahamas, we bring you part two of five— Abacos. Made up of two main islands, Great Abacos and Little Abaco, as well as their offshore cays, these jewels are a paradise for sailors, divers and...

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Best of the Bahamas - Bimini

Mar 27, 2018

Boating Tips

Imagine that you have just taken ownership of your new (or new to you) catamaran in South Florida. And what better way to put your yacht to the test than to take her for a sail across the Gulf Stream and to the Bahamas? More often than not, this...

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How to Safely Set Anchor

Mar 15, 2018

Leopard 45, Boating Tips

We all know that novice sailor who stays on anchor watch all night the first twenty times on an overnight anchorage for the simple fact that they can’t sleep. We also know the seasoned sailor who drifted on anchor while peacefully asleep, only to...

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