The good, the bad, and the beauty of Bimini

The perfect shot of a Leopard Catamaran is just what it sounds like – perfect. But what goes in behind the scenes of the photo shoot itself? Not so perfect. Explore the trial, error and downright bliss of sailing in the Bahamas for 5 days.

Leopard Catamarans just returned from a photo shoot in Bimini, Bahamas to shoot the best possible footage of our newest Leopard 53 Powercat and Leopard 45 with Lounge. Our trip included a small photography team who flew in from Cape Town, South Africa, a crew to navigate our journey and a group of “models” who just returned from a very successful (and exhausting) weeklong event at the Miami International Boat Show.

After cruising the sparkling Bimini waters in a Leopard Catamaran, sleep was lost, skin was sun kissed, days were blurred, and hearts were happy.


Day 1 – This ship has sailed!

First things first, getting to Harbour Towne Marina from Miami was our initial mission. Our boats needed to be loaded with provisions before we were ready to set sail for Bimini. This time around, we were prepared with 3 full boats of groceries and supplies. After making this trip in the past, we knew the islands of Bimini had a lot to offer, but grocery supplies are not one of them! Thankfully, our crew members experience provided a wealth of knowledge prior to departure and the most beautiful anchorage sights upon arrival.

The winds were heavy, and the seas were rocky on this particular day of travel. Gratefully, I got to experience the smooth cruising and quick arrival the Leopard 53 PC had to offer. Motion sickness medicine is your best friend on a lengthy journey crossing the gulf stream! Due to a questionable weather forecast in the days following, the team was in a hurry to get out on the water and take some photos. Just when we thought relaxation was underway, we were thrown for a slight curveball. The evening was spent out in the open waters with a gorgeous sunset behind us. The fatigue of the previous days just couldn’t compare to watching the sunset on a Leopard 53 Powercat.  I can’t complain, but sometimes I still do 😉




Day 2 – The sun rises and sets on my Leopard

Getting those beautiful sunrise shots is not as leisurely as it appears – it’s actually a 5:30 am wakeup call! The goal of today was to get the Leopard 53 PC out on the water to be seen in a good light (literally), especially before the bad weather rolled in! Our Captain and first mate were troopers. The team glided on the Leopard 53, Leopard 50 and Leopard 45 in the crystal-clear waters under a beautiful sunrise glow. The three models danced in the wind until the late afternoon (and I’m not talking about the people).

Thursday evening had a delicious BBQ and warm sunset in store for us! A home-made meal on the new Leopard 53 in the evening ambiance was the cherry on top of a successful day. The footage of our evening was breathtaking and so was the view!




Day 3 – Rain, rain, go away

We didn’t find ourselves as fortunate with weather on Friday. The rain fell and winds howled from the second the sun rose. This was no condition to sail in – let alone shoot footage! The team twiddled their thumbs for a bit, what can one do in Bimini that doesn’t involve sunshine? When the rain died down, our experienced kite-surfing crew took full advantage of the harsh winds. We rented a golf cart and headed down to the windy beach to watch our friends kitesurf with an impressive new Leopard Catamaran branded kite! Our drone captured epic footage of our friends shredding the scrappy seas. The day called for some relaxing, mingling and even a kite-surfing show! Sometimes a little rain is good for the soul after all.


Day 4 – Blown Away

It was time to say goodbye to some of our lovely team! The days of adventure were behind us and the real world called our friends back to their families, jobs, and responsibilities. A few of us stayed behind including myself, our crew, photography team and a few models. Unfortunately, the weather in Bimini stood its ground and we were not getting the sunshine we longed for any time soon. Saturday found itself with strong winds and a constant overcast. The last of us headed down to a local restaurant and tried some popular and delectable island dishes. Cheers!




Day 5 – Home is where the yacht is

After riding the weather roller coaster for 4 days, Sunday was finally looking brighter (and much less windy). It was another early morning wake up call before dusk for those of us still residing on the island. However, our early start didn’t get the best of us, we were ecstatic to throw on our snorkels and feel the rays on our skin again! The Leopard 45, Leopard 50 and Leopard 53 made their way to Cat Cay – about an hour from South Bimini’s coast. The team anchored off in the sapphire saltwater and the fun began! Sailing, swimming, snorkeling and paddle boarding —all important components of a lifestyle photoshoot for cruising catamarans. An adorable sea turtle also decided to grace us with his presence, and we watched his head bob in and out of the transparent waters until he drifted away into the vast sea.

After an afternoon of enjoyment, it was time to set sail for the hustle and bustle known as South Florida. The weather was near perfect for the Leopard 45 and the Leopard 50 to put up their sails and cruise back to our home base. All of the yachts were nestled in their South Florida slips at Harbour Towne Marine around 6 pm. Once settled for the evening, we were able to say our goodbyes, and everyone dispersed to their respective countries over the next few days. The Leopard has a way of bringing people together, even when “home” is on opposite ends of the world.


Cristina Strait

As the newest member of the team, Cristina is excited to establish her career in the sailing and boating industry as the Marketing and Events Coordinator for Yacht Sales.

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