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Leopard 48 Owners Upgrade to a Leopard 50

Apr 25, 2018

Owner Stories, Leopard 50

There is no denying that Randy and Lennie of SV Happy Together have got it figured out. They work hard and they play hard. Life is all about balance, isn’t it?

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Best of the Bahamas - Eleuthera

Apr 12, 2018

Boating Tips

At this point in your Bahamas sail shakedown you will be eager for even more islands offering an array of activities. If you are looking for diversity, look no further than the skinny island of Eleuthera! At the widest point of this island it is...

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Best of the Bahamas - Abacos

Apr 03, 2018

Boating Tips

To continue our series that is all about the beautiful Bahamas, we bring you part two of five— Abacos. Made up of two main islands, Great Abacos and Little Abaco, as well as their offshore cays, these jewels are a paradise for sailors, divers and...

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Best of the Bahamas - Bimini

Mar 27, 2018

Boating Tips

Imagine that you have just taken ownership of your new (or new to you) catamaran in South Florida. And what better way to put your yacht to the test than to take her for a sail across the Gulf Stream and to the Bahamas? More often than not, this...

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How to Safely Set Anchor

Mar 15, 2018

Leopard 45, Boating Tips

We all know that novice sailor who stays on anchor watch all night the first twenty times on an overnight anchorage for the simple fact that they can’t sleep. We also know the seasoned sailor who drifted on anchor while peacefully asleep, only to...

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Leopard Owners Form Lifelong Friendships

Feb 23, 2018

Owner Stories, Leopard 48

When a freighter ship of brand new Leopard Catamarans arrives to the states with our newest yachts, they are brought to our docks in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where they are then commissioned, sea trialed and prepared for handover.

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The Leopard 51 Powercat Makes History 

We are pleased to announce that Leopard Catamarans has built and sold over 100 Leopard 51 Powercats. 

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Join Us in Miami 

This February the Miami International Boat Show will be the place to be! For the first time ever we will be showcasing our entire fleet of Leopard Catamarans in one place, including that all-new Leopard 50. Be one of the first people to see the...

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An Expedition Through Florida

Dec 15, 2017

Deliveries, Leopard 51 PC

If you are looking for a different kind of adventure on a powercat, then look no further. We recently had the opportunity to take a cruise from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to St. Petersburg, Florida. We achieved this voyage by crossing through the...

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Handing Over a Leopard Catamaran 

It has been six months since we first had the opportunity to speak with Owen and Miranda about their journey to find the perfect boat.

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Yachting World Germany Nominates the Leopard 45 

Oct 19, 2017

Leopard 45

The Leopard 45 has been considered for Boat of the Year by Yachting World Magazine in Germany. 

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2018 Leopard 40 Model Upgrades 

Oct 17, 2017

Leopard 40

We are excited to announce that we have made some enhancements to the successful Leopard 40. 

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Leopard 40 Owner Completes an Atlantic Crossing 

Sep 06, 2017

Owner Stories, Leopard 40

There is no such thing as a weekend when you live on a boat,” Leopard 40 owner, Eel, explains, and we would have to agree. There is nothing quite as liberating as knowing that you could go anywhere in the world at the drop of a hat. 

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Our List of Non-Negotiable Catamaran Characteristics 

Aug 21, 2017

Product Details

All Catamarans are not made equal. And as every catamaran owner will tell you, before you purchase a catamaran you must first decide what it is that you want in a yacht.

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The Best Blogs from Leopard Owners 

Aug 11, 2017

Owner Stories

We are lucky to have a community of Leopard Owners who are good sailors, better adventurers and the best bloggers. And thanks to the power of the internet, we can watch our owners live out their dreams! 

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Behind the Scenes in Bimini, Bahamas 

Jul 24, 2017

Team Leopard

Have you ever wondered how much time and effort goes into getting that perfect shot? The shot that can bring our yachts to life in a single image. Well, for starters, you can’t go wrong with catamarans in a post-card paradise.

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A Recap of our 2016-2017 Boat Show Season 

Jul 14, 2017

Team Leopard

From the launch of the Leopard 45 to selling more yachts than ever before—it has been a successful year! So it comes as no surprise that Leopard Catamarans had a RECORD BREAKING season of boat shows!

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Tips and Tricks for Cruising the BVI 

Jun 22, 2017

Leopard 58, Leopard 39

We just got back from a spectacular sailing excursion aboard a Leopard Catamaran in paradise, and it would be just plain wrong to not dish out all of the details for your enjoyment!

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Your Cheat Sheet to the Leopard 51 PC 

If you want to learn more about the Leopard 51PC, you have come to the right place. The crown jewel of our powercat fleet brings with her innovative features that are sure to impress!

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9 Essentials for Cruising in Comfort 

May 23, 2017

Product Details

One of the most exciting things about purchasing a yacht is getting to outfit your boat with all of the creature comforts that are available to help sailors relax while sailing the seven seas. Of course, the minimalist approach is something to be...

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