Catamaran Windows and Doors: Are They Safe?

It is a common question from potential clients. It is also a fair question. With so many windows and doors on a catamaran that create the open space with almost 360 degrees of visibility, it is only natural that clients want to know abut the safety and the materials used to create these spectacular views. 

What are the windows and doors on a Catamaran made of?

On a Leopard Catamaran the coachroof windows and the forward cockpit hatch/door is made of Perspex 12mm thick cast acrylic MMA. This material thickness is specified by the ISO 12216. This material is so durable that it can be hit with a hammer and it will not break. Moreover, we have produced over 1,500 Leopard Catamarans and never received a report of a wave breaking a window. 

The companion way doors are the only part of a Leopard Catamaran that is tempered glass. Everything else is Perspex. 

Is the forward access door safe?

What I would first like to make clear is that the forward access door is not actually a door, it is a hatch. As mentioned, it is made of Perspex 12mm thick cast acrylic MMA. It has three lock handles which totally seal the door shut. Therefore it is extremely safe and one of the sought after features on a Leopard Catamaran. In fact, plenty of boat owners have changed brands because of this feature.

Is the forward cockpit safe?

It is not uncommon for sale agents to be asked about the ability of the forward cockpit to drain.  A great deal of detail and attention has been employed by the  designers. The wedge shaped forward edge of the wing bridge sheds blue water onto the weather decks. The raised deck around the forward cockpit keeps the forward cockpit as dry as possible. In addition to those design features, there are two over-sized drainage holes in the bottom of the forward cockpit that can drain the forward cockpit in less than 45 seconds if the forward cockpit was completely full. This rate far exceeds the International Organization for Standardization which requires 90% of volume in a maximum of five minutes. Additionally, the American Boat and Yacht Council with requires 75% of volume in a maximum of 90 seconds. 

Why is there no shower door on the Leopard 50?

For this design feature, we have gone with the five star hotel room feature of being able to walk into the shower. It creates more space while showering, and the door to the head still provides privacy. The entire head is a wet area and therefore a door is not necessary to keep the rest of the area dry. 


When it comes to designing a Leopard Catamaran, we have recruited some of the best naval architects and designers in the industry to ensure that we receive all certifications of safety required. We take it one step further and far exceed the maximum requirements of safety. We are always happy to address any questions and concerns you have with data to prove that when it comes to catamaran design, safety is our first priority. I encourage you to join us at any boat show that we plan to attend to discover our yachts and meet our experienced sales team. Click the button below to see what boat shows we will be attending this fall. 


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Keith McVeigh

Keith has been involved in all aspects of the catamaran and yachting industry for 15 years. His passion for Leopard Catamarans shows through his enthusiasm when selling them. He enjoys working with people and he shares in their joy when purchasing a catamaran, fulfilling what is often a lifelong dream.


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