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Leopard Owner Flotilla 2024: Eleuthera, The Bahamas on a 46 Powercat

Jun 18, 2024

Leopard 46 PC

Since 2022, Leopard Catamarans has hosted an annual 'Leopard Owner Flotilla' on different main islands in the Bahamas. In 2022, it was The Exumas; in 2023, it was Abacos; and this past May, it was held in beautiful Eleuthera. It was a fantastic...

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Passagemaking in a Powercat

Jun 07, 2024

Boating Tips

Taking your Powercat to a new cruising ground opens fresh horizons for exploration and fun. It’s really what boat ownership is about. And making the passage yourself can be an incomparable adventure.

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Sailing a New Leopard Home: Leopard 50 Atlantic Crossing

May 09, 2024

Before Mark O’Leary got on his new Leopard 50 in South Africa to sail it across the Atlantic, he hadn't done a lot of offshore sailing or passage making.

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The Art of Marina Maneuvers

Apr 19, 2024

Not every minute of boating is created equal. Crossing open stretches of water in your new Leopard is fun and exhilarating. But those first experiences of getting in and out of a slip or marina full of boats, pilings, jetties, shallows (and gawkers)...

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Ask a Leopard Owner: Leopard 53 Powercat

Apr 01, 2024
Brian and Karen Culbertson have always lived a full life. The Florida couple has three kids, three dogs, a thriving family business, and a passion for serving those in need. Always looking for more energy and excitement, this energetic duo recently...
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Boat Buying for the Great Loop: A Couple Who Completes it in a Power Catamaran Weighs In

If you've never heard of the Great Loop, you're not alone. When Steve and Debbie Russell bought Gypsies Palace, their Leopard Powercat 47, they hadn't either. The couple planned to cruise full-time but had no particular itinerary besides seeing the...

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Sailing Into Friendship: The Annapolis Impulse Buyers Club Story

It all started on a crisp autumn day, when four couples from four states flew to the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis, MD …just to look … or so they thought.

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Bahamas-Bound: Your Comprehensive How-To for Sailing to the Exumas

Dec 14, 2023

Boating Tips

When you first step on your new Leopard in Miami, you can't help but feel the urge to get up and go...somewhere. You've done the shakedown and the harbor cruise and maybe even explored a little of Biscayne Bay and watched the sunset at anchor. And...

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Captain Confidence: Turning Closing Day Jitters into Seamanship Success

You went to a boat show, just to look, but then something crazy happened—you ended up buying a boat! For those of you who threw caution to the wind, congratulations!

My husband and I ordered a Leopard 42 catamaran at the Annapolis Sailboat Show in...

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Cruising the Chesapeake Bay on a Leopard 42

Nov 24, 2023

Leopard 42

Sailing in the tropics is no revelation to me. From the Bahamas to the Dry Tortugas, I've sailed in the golden warm sunlight plenty of times. This fall, I was given the opportunity to take out the popular Leopard 42 to sail somewhere I’d never...

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Anchoring Friendships: Mastering the Art of Buddy Boating

Nov 08, 2023

Boating Tips

As the sun dips towards the horizon, the dinghies start pulling up. Cruising couples and singles come aboard with cold drinks and appetizers to share. Conversation and laughter grow as the evening approaches. Everyone pauses for a moment to look...

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Ask a Leopard Owner: Nikki and Barry on the Leopard 42

Oct 30, 2023

Nikki Layton and Barry Duncan have always pursued life at full speed. But they clearly know how to downshift.

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Mastering the Seas: Tales of an Expert Catamaran Captain

Sep 29, 2023

With almost 300,000 nautical miles in his log, you'd think Paul Badenhorst had been offshore sailing his whole adult life. While sailing has been in Paul's heart and mind since his first experience at age five, he didn't take his first serious...

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Leopard Catamarans Owner Flotilla Recap: 2023 Abacos, Bahamas

Aug 17, 2023

Owner Stories, General news

It was a week that we will never forget! This year's Owner Flotilla hosted a total of 15 catamarans-- both sail and power -- in the Abacos Islands of the Bahamas. Set in paradise, with an amazing group of owners, the second annual event was the...

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Ask a Leopard Owner with The Adventure Crews

Aug 10, 2023

Owner Stories

Introducing Cole and Emily Crews, the dynamic duo behind The Adventure Crews. This young couple is on a journey to explore the world by water aboard their sailing catamaran.

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Retiring on your Leopard

Jul 31, 2023

You see them all over the Caribbean (and the internet) these days - smiling, happy people who have retired to a sailing catamaran to cruise the world full-time. If you have considered joining that flotilla, you have likely wondered about the cost of...

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National Learn to Sail Month - Aboard the Leopard 45 with Offshore Sailing School

Jul 24, 2023

July unfurls its sails as National Learn to Sail Month, an opportune time to commemorate the timeless tradition of passing down the art of exploring the vast seas.

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Powering Across the Atlantic on a Leopard 46 Powercat

Jun 29, 2023

There are thousands of stories out there about crossing oceans under sail. But transiting a long stretch of the ocean under power? That's a different adventure.

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Hurricane Season: Lying Low Without Living Low on Your Leopard Catamaran

Jun 20, 2023

Boating Tips

Hurricane season in the Atlantic is a tough time for cruisers as they navigate both potential wild weather patterns and insurance coverage limitations that keep them away from some of their favorite offshore passages and island locations.

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Ask a Leopard 50 Sailing Catamaran Owner: Tony Ebeyer

Jun 13, 2023

Owner Stories, Leopard 50

Since taking delivery of Leopard 50 Sailing Catamaran DRACARYS in September 2021, Tony has come a long way-- nearly 15,000 miles! And he has some free advice for anyone who dreams of cruising the Caribbean but doesn’t know how to sail: Go for it.

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