Leopard Owner Flotilla 2024: Eleuthera, The Bahamas on a 46 Powercat

Since 2022, Leopard Catamarans has hosted an annual 'Leopard Owner Flotilla' on different main islands in the Bahamas. In 2022, it was The Exumas; in 2023, it was Abacos; and this past May, it was held in beautiful Eleuthera. It was a fantastic journey with some great company and new friends along the way. Between the sparkling beaches, exploring opportunities, and friendly locals, Eleuthera holds a little bit of treasure for everyone. 

Learn more about our 5-day itinerary and adventures below. Who knows? You might even decide to follow this plan for your next trip to the Bahamas.


Day 1: 

We started our 5-day journey in Rock Sound on a Leopard 46 Powercat. We anchored east in front of Wild Orchid's Waterfront Restaurant when we arrived. The water was crystal clear in the early afternoon as we took the dinghy to each participant's boat to introduce ourselves and pass out welcome bags and goodies. Around 3 PM, we decided to do some cave exploring. The Cathedral Caves are located on the south end of Rock Sound. We were in awe at how bright, dramatic and intriguing they were. They had eclectic twists and turns, with numerous openings for sunlight to radiate through. Bats swarmed the roof, adding to the sense of adventure that marked the beginning of our journey.




That night, we had our Welcome Dinner at Wild Orchid's Waterfront Restaurant. There is a dinghy dock right in front of the restaurant with a lovely porch, lookout chairs, and some lawn activities like cornhole. The staff was extremely friendly and welcoming, and the food was phenomenal. Our night theme was "White Out," with prizes for best dressed. It was a perfect way to kick off the first night and get to know the attendees for the week ahead. 




Day 2:

On Day 2, we pulled up anchor around 9 AM to set sail to Ten Bay Beach from Rock Sound, about a 20-nm journey. Ten Bay was a stunning white sand beach with aqua-blue clear waters. It was truly a beautiful place for water activities like swimming and snorkeling. After everyone had anchored, we spent the afternoon washed up on the shore, getting to know each other, listening to music, and enjoying a few bottles of rum. It was the perfect day in the warm sunshine!


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On the secluded beach, we claimed a lone-standing hut to set up for our first happy hour of the trip. Tonight was leopard-themed! We put together two refreshing cocktails: ranch water and a grapefruit spritzer, set up our drink pitchers, and turned the music up for a party! Everyone brought their Leopard cups to fil'er'up, and at the end of the night, we had prizes for first, second and third place best dressed. 


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Day 3: 

Day 3 consisted of a local island tour and happy hour at a local restaurant in town! We took off for Runaway Bay Marina and met there at 9 AM. From there, a shuttle drove us ~15 minutes away to Eleuthera Island Farm. The farm was full of local meats, pastries, fresh produce, local seasonings and spices, and a produce farm out back. We all enjoyed picking out extra goodies we needed for our travels or groceries we were running low on. It was a breezy morning, and the farm had lots of shade to relax in. After we shuttled back to our dingy, we headed our separate ways to put on our best "Saltwater Cowboy-themed outfits for happy hour!


We headed north to Governor's Harbour, which was about an 8nm cruise. Governor's Harbour was a charming little settlement with restaurants, bars and shops. This is the perfect stop for more creature comforts after a few days of seclusion. At 6 PM, we enjoyed cocktails and appetizers at The Buccanear Club. The staff was accommodating and helpful and left our party plenty of room to break it down on the dance floor! We danced the night away and ended the soiree with prizes for best dressed and a happy birthday song for Peter Robertson! Not a bad way to spend your birthday if I do say so myself. 


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Day 4: 

We arrived at Glass Window Bridge and anchored just south. Like much of Eleuthera, the water was a stunning turquoise. Everyone put on their flotilla shirts and took their dinghies to the beach for a half-mile walk to Queen's Bath. Queen's Bath is a natural rock pool located near the town of Gregory Town on the island's Atlantic side. It was formed by the erosion of coastal rocks, creating a pool that fills with seawater during high tide. Although the way there was a little uneven and rocky (literally), with proper shoes and caution, it is surely a worthwhile destination. The area offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding rocky coastline. Queen's Bath is a serene and picturesque spot and ideal for a relaxing dip when the ocean is calm.


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After a few hours at Queen's Bath, we ventured off to Glass Window Bridge. The Glass Window Bridge is a thin strip of land, just a few meters wide, that separates the deep blue Atlantic Ocean on the east from the calm turquoise waters of the Bight of Eleuthera on the west. This unique visual effect has earned it the nickname "the narrowest place on Earth." After everyone got pictures and videos and had tired from the sun, we slowly trickled back to our boats for some time to unwind. 

We had no plans that evening, and everyone was up for an impromptu beach happy hour. We all grabbed some refreshments, snacks to share, a speaker, chairs and blankets and made our way to the closest white sand beach. It was secluded with very few others, so having the space to ourselves was delightful. Over the tropical tunes, you could hear our conversation about the day's adventures, favorite memories of the trip, and plenty of laughter. We basked in the sun's setting rays and stuck around until the last flicker of sunset.


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Day 5: 

At around 9 AM, we set sail for Spanish Wells, about a 22-nm journey. For those interested, we had an optional swim and snorkel stop at Egg Reef off of Egg Island. Egg Island is known for having a variety of sea fans, coral arches, nurse sharks, hawksbill turtles, and a variety of fish, especially large schools. 


Spanish Wells is a well-established Eleuthera settlement with fuel stops, hotels, and restaurants. At 6 PM, we hosted our Farewell Dinner at the Shipyard, and everyone came dressed to the 9 in their dazzling shades of pink or flamingo print for the night's theme. There were refreshing drinks, as well as delicious passed appetizers and dinner. The restaurant overlooked the water with a spacious outdoor porch for seating. It was the perfect ambiance for the last dinner of the flotilla. The fun wasn't quite over yet; we still had to do our superlatives! From Most Flotilla Spirit, Regatta Crew, Cutest Couple, and many more awards, we gave out plenty of prizes to go around. We danced the night away until it was time to say our farewells. And although the week had come to an end, we knew we made friendships that would last a lifetime. 


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We are looking forward to next year's flotilla and have many more adventures in store! If you're interested in joining, please subscribe to our emails using the form below and keep an eye out in the 2025 New Year for information on our next event. Our flotillas are usually held in April or May. 

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