Ask a Leopard Owner with The Adventure Crews

Introducing Cole and Emily Crews, the dynamic duo behind The Adventure Crews. This young couple is on a journey to explore the world by water aboard their sailing catamaran.


Their mission is to inspire others to create a life that is full of meaning and purpose. Join them in this eye-opening episode of Ask a Leopard Owner where they share every step of their transformation from dreamers to achievers, offering insights and practical tips to help you craft a similar lifestyle for yourself. Don't miss this opportunity to learn and be inspired!


In this livestream, Cole and Emily provided viewers with some of their best advice to start saving now so that you can build the life you've always wanted.



Cole and Emily met a month after Emily made the bold move to Florida, where she worked as an Emmy-nominated TV News personality. At that time, Cole worked in construction management and spent his weekdays on the road. Feeling burnt out from the stresses of corporate America and a shared dream to start traveling, the initial plan was to buy an RV. When Cole made a suggestion to go sailing, Emily was initially skeptical.


Cole had suggested that they watch a few videos from a YouTube sailing channel. And as Emily says, "I fell hook, line and sinker. I was like 'We can do this.' I've been a journalist sharing other people's stories for years; it's time to write our own." Emily continues, "That was one month into dating. And every single day for the next year and a half, the first thing in the morning and the last thing before we went to sleep we were talking about how one day we were going to buy the boat, and that all changed when we put our plan together." 


Cole and Emily are here to tell you that if they can do it, so can you! After two years of meticulously saving and planning, they were finally living the life they'd dreamed of. In the livesream they outline the steps they made to get to where they are while also revealing the reality of living aboard full-time.


The Ask a Leopard Owner presentation by Cole and Emily received enthusiastic praise from the livestream audience, who were captivated by the valuable insights shared. One viewer commended the presentation for its "Honest evaluation of the boat buying process and the realities of making it happen." While another viewer expressed their appreciation for the format, stating that it provided authentic firsthand accounts of life on a Leopard Catamaran.


We invite you to press play on the video above and enjoy the live stream! After you've found your inspiration, check out the @adventurecrews You Tube to learn even more!

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