Why Choose Leopard? Here's Why...

When working boat shows, and just in general, the most frequently asked question from potential buyers is: "Why Leopard?" I would like to share some of the most valuable points that I always mention.

(And, for the record, I do believe I am well qualified to answer this question. My reasons being that I have sold the other major brands of catamarans. But when I sold them, I could not bring myself to be passionate about the product, having known the strong points about Leopard Catamarans.)

I will share with you below some of the unique qualities that make Leopard Catamarans the best choice for your cruising adventures. 

  1. Leopard Catamarans are the only catamaran brand certified both in Europe and the Americas: NMMA Certified – ABYC Standards & CE Certified – CE Standards).
  2. We were the first catamaran with stepped hulls to offer interior space without reducing performance.
  3. Our anchoring system in placed mid-way on forward deck and concealed (no rust, no fouling of chain on hulls, no mud on forward deck).
  4. We were the first catamaran to introduce a hardtop protecting the aft cockpit.
  5. Innovative deck plan with all lines leading back to helm station for single-handed sailing.
  6. Signature forward cockpit for better ventilation, improved visibility, and additional space forward to enjoy sunrise and privacy, the forward cockpit door is an amazing feature and provides the saloon and galley with excellent ventilation. 
  7. Signature electrical davit system that simplifies dinghy and outboard motor lifting with no hydraulics (inboard electrical motors) that lower down and out, allowing full clearance of transoms and easy loading of dinghy onto platform.
  8. Our yachts feature a protected helm station with direct communication to both the flybridge lounge as well as aft cockpit. The helmsman is socially involved with everyone on the boat.
  9. Over 2,000 boats have been delivered to all continents on earth.
  10. Robust construction, well-balanced and honest boat in heavy weather. Safe and robust rig (rigid boom vang to prevent damage or injury). Well protected and secure helm station. The helm station is designed for short-handed sailing-- all controls going back to helm station.
  11. The visibility and traffic all the way through the boat; the communication from the helm station down and back to the social spaces; the safety and comfort of the cockpit, saloon and staterooms — all these things are addressed and implemented very, very well.
  12. Large main saloon with easy access to and from the galley and the forward access door.
  13. Sliding door and windows in open position allow for full communication between main saloon and aft cockpit; in closed position underway or in cold/hot weather, allow inside dining in full protection.
  14. L-shaped galley allows more than one person to stand in galley.
  15. Easy movement aft of the aft cockpit across the beam, and easy access to transoms, engine rooms and water tanks.
  16. Helm station is part of the cockpit, allowing the helmsman to fully communicate with the aft cockpit and visually check entire aft cockpit and interior of the boat (friends, family, young children).
  17. Helm station provides direct contact with the lounge (on the 45 and 50).
  18. The innovative lounge on the Leopard 50 and Leopard 45 includes a sitting area, a sunbed, and a table.
  19. Access to the lounge is provided by floating stairs leading up from the aft cockpit, without disrupting the helm station.
  20. The helm station remains well protected and integrated into the cockpit and the rest of the boat.
  21. Sliding companionway door / window provides a huge space flow from aft cockpit to the galley.
  22. LED down lighting and concealed rope lighting creates your ideal atmosphere. 
  23. Forward lounging cockpit with watertight saloon access door give additional space for socializing. 
  24. Hardtop over forward cockpit with LED down lighting to "set the mood".
  25. Folding forward cockpit table and wrap around seating.
  26. Step to access the foredeck.

Those are just a few of the reasons that Leopard reigns supreme. But please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any more reasons and clarification, I am happy to help you achieve your dream of owning a Leopard Catamaran.

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Keith McVeigh

Keith has been involved in all aspects of the catamaran and yachting industry for 15 years. His passion for Leopard Catamarans shows through his enthusiasm when selling them. He enjoys working with people and he shares in their joy when purchasing a catamaran, fulfilling what is often a lifelong dream.


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