How One Powercat Owner Started a Multihull Trend

'There is always a different explanation for how each of our yacht owners decided to buy a Leopard Catamaran. For the owner of Arrgh Boat, a Leopard 43 Powercat, Ron Buck and his wife followed the path to ownership in a way many of our owners do. It's the "try before you buy" method. Leopard's sister company, The Moorings, has a charter fleet equipped with hundreds of yachts, and all of the catamarans in this charter fleet are Leopard Catamarans.  "We started out chartering the boats in the BVI, we used The Moorings on a regular basis—I’d say we’ve been seven or eight times. We loved the boats so much we started looking at used ones. We looked at one we were going to day charter in Miami and we were not happy with it, so we went back to our broker and told her that wasn’t what we were looking for. So our broker suggested that we buy a new one, and so that’s how that happened."



How the dream began

Ron has enjoyed his yacht since March of 2017, and he says it still looks like a brand new boat." Since I've owned my boat, I've sold five, at least. I have convinced people to buy Leopard 43 PCs that had never even heard of Leopard Catamarans. In a marina a man came by the boat and he asks ‘Can I get on your boat?', and of course I said sure. So I gave him a tour of the boat and he said ‘I love it!'. I told him to give a call to my Leopard Sale’s Agent. I gave him his number and three days later the guy bought a Leopard 43 PC. That’s one of five." From speaking with Ron, it didn't necessarily sound like these people took much convincing, he continues, "People who were interested in my Leopard 43 PC, I’d say 'Lets go for a ride!’, I have taken a few different people out on my boat and once they went on a sea trial, they were hooked. Everybody just loves the boat. And people really like the maneuverability. I’m not an expert boater, but people always think I have a bow thruster on the boat when I am docking it. The boat will spin on a dime." We certainly have a lot to thank Ron for, considering the amount of business he has sent our way. Our customers are our best sales agents! 

Ron continues,"I took a 44 foot powercat out on a sea trial and it just didn’t compare. The boat rode horrible compared to my 43 Powercat. With my Leopard, the bigger the seas, the faster I go. The boat just cuts through the waves, it's just a great ride. I have been in six foot seas no problem. It is just a sweet riding boat!"


What does an owner like the most about his boat?

With so many things to like about the Leopard 43 PC, from the flybridge to the large, open galley, Ron says his favorite thing about his yacht is the speed, the space, and the economy. "If I could change anything about my yacht, I wouldn’t. There is nothing on board this boat that I look at and think ‘Why isn’t this this way?’ I like the boat exactly the way it is. But what I'd have to say my favorite feature on the boat is the salon and the aft cockpit and the way they connect. The way you can have the door and windows open and the cockpit flows right into the saloon. And everybody can hang out as a large group. And then of course the flybridge is nice because of the number of people you can fit up there comfortably," Ron explains. 


Cruising the west coast of Florida

Ron keeps his vessel close to home in Tierra Verda, FL."I love my Leopard. I absolutely love the boat," he continues. "We go over to Fort Lauderdale and we really enjoy the Keys. We go to Key West and we like Marathon. And we do a lot of local boating.  We go out to Egmont Key almost every weekend when the weather is nice. We don’t do much long range boating, just mostly Florida West Coast Cruising. Sarasota, Venice, Marco Island. We are members of a yacht club so we get to stay a free night at all these other yacht clubs."


Essential and non-essential options

And what are Ron's recommendations as far as do's and don'ts when it comes up options and upgrades, "We did have a watermaker installed on the boat but we don’t really use it. It would definitely be different if we were open water cruisers, and then the washer and dryer, I’d love to have more space. In three years we've owned the boat we haven’t used that either. We added the blue under water lights which everyone really enjoys. And then we have a full enclosure on the flybridge, and sunshades so you can see through them but keeps everything from getting destroyed by the sunlight upstairs." 


From speaking with Ron, it sounds like Arrgh Boat will be around for him and his wife to enjoy for a very a long time. She gets plenty of use, and she gets all of the important TLC that is required for maintaining a vessel. 



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