The Best Leopard Vloggers on YouTube Right Now

The popularity of sailing vlogs in recent years has skyrocketed. Nowadays, it's hard to think of a world in which you can't log onto youtube for advice on doing nearly anything, so of course, that includes purchasing and owning a boat. People find vloggers both inspiring and relatable. It begs the question to everyone dreaming of doing it, "If they can do it, why not me?". We appreciate the willingness of people to share their best moments and their more difficult ones because that is how we, as consumers learn.


Check out some of our favorite vlogs, brought to you by Leopard Catamaran owners, to find your sailing inspiration. Trust me when I tell you many owners create valuable and exciting content. If you are in the market for a catamaran, I suggest you start watching!




Meet Jim, Stephanie and their three labmariners: Anubis, Mocha, and Nuala. A few years ago, they did what any other couple with 245 pounds of dog would do: they bought a sailboat. The couple enjoys traveling and experiencing the world with their three (BIG) labs in tow. The couple loves sharing their best advice on what to do and not to do when buying a boat. And more than that, they share all of their exciting exploration excursions along the way.

Their honesty and genuine passion for cruising is well-received by followers. Many of their videos are created to provide in-depth knowledge to anyone interested in this lifestyle. And the loveable dogs add cute cameos and a sense of lightheartedness.


Sailing Wind Therapy


Meet Jeff and Adrienne. In 2013 they took a week-long sailing course and never looked back. After purchasing a Leopard into a charter fleet, they soon realized they were ready to call Wind Therapy their home. In the spring of 2021, they cast the lines from their marina in St. Petersburg, FL, and began making their epic voyage around the world.

Jeff and Adrienne offer valuable insights based on their experience, including how they converted their charter boat into a liveaboard boat. They also share their exciting and sometimes silly excursions in and around the Caribbean. No matter where they find themselves, this couple always finds amusement and entertainment.


Sailing Sisu


Meet Frik and Petro. They are South Africans sailing around the world on their Leopard Catamaran and sharing their adventures along the way. Follow along as the story unfolds! This never-ending sabbatical is captained by a couple of nomads who have built their lives on doing what inspires them. Watch them break free of a traditional lifestyle while creating videos of adventures, life on board, and lessons learned. (taken from their YouTube "about").


For this series, you will want to start from the beginning. Starting from scratch, the couple has now conquered ocean crossings and visited countless destinations around Africa, South America and the Caribbean, just to name a few. You will also enjoy their channel's series of "how-to" videos. 


Barefoot Doctors Sailing


Meet the Barefoot Doctors. Drs John and Eli McIntosh are successful Authors, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, International Speakers, Humanitarians and Global Sailors. As sailors and passionate humanitarians, they travel the world and use their expertise to benefit people in need.

Initially on a Leopard 50 and now on a Leopard 45, this outgoing couple reveals secrets to living life to the fullest and achieving their wildest dream while using their skills to care for people along the way.

Their knowledge of sailing, and boats in general, make their reviews and feedback valuable to new buyers. Follow their channel to experience every heartfelt emotion possible. As with most viewers, you will quickly fall in love with the Barefoot Doctors.


Sailing Symphony


Erin, Todd, and William are starting on their sailing journey into the Caribbean aboard their Leopard 45 catamaran, Symphony. Just around a year from their first sailing lesson and six months after taking delivery of Symphony, Todd and Erin Rogers are wrapping up their first cruising season in the Bahamas. They have over a thousand miles of adventure and experience behind them, with more to see and learn.


They share their explorations and adventures as they become better sailors and visit different countries and cultures along the way.


Sailing OliLuki


Their philosophy is that it is too easy to become trapped in the daily rut of life. You work so hard so that "one day" you can reach the holy grail of retirement, and only then can life be genuinely enjoyed. 


They have decided to believe in dreams, set goals, and make them happen so that enjoying every precious moment of life can start now. Andy, Maki and their identical twin boys, Oliver and Lukas, decided there was no better time than now to make a change. They sell sold the majority of the company they started 13 years ago and set sail to share with their children what this incredible world offers. 


 Join in the adventures of SV OliLuki as they make a positive difference in the lives of others together. (Taken from their YouTube "about")


Want to learn more?

We hope that after researching these channels, you find a little inspiration. And please remember, we are always here to help answer your questions!




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