Ask a Leopard Owner with Leopard 45 Sailing Symphony

The past two years have changed life in ways big and small. In the case of the Rogers family, the change was big-- really big. Over the past 18 months, this adventurous couple has gone from knowing nothing about sailing to being the live-aboard owners of Symphony, a 2021 Leopard 45.

The Ask a Leopard Owner livestream with Todd and Erin Rogers provided an hour full of exciting content and conversation. Are you considering becoming a Leopard Owner? Then this pre-recorded livestream is a must-watch!

Just 19 months from their first sailing lesson and four months after taking delivery of Symphony, Todd and Erin Rogers are cruising the Bahamas with their teenage son William. They have more than 1,000 miles of adventure and experience behind them, with so much more to see and learn.


When asked about his experience as an owner so far, Todd explains, "In general the quality of the boat has been above what I was expecting. Beyond that, the sales process fit what we were looking for. We like the idea of having one line to get into with a distinct set of people that take you through the sales process. It was really easy and very informative. It was also really honest when deciding what options would be best for us. And even after that, I've e-mailed our sales agent at random hours with questions, and they are always answered. So it was not like Leopard said 'See you later!' I have people that I can contact and they will get me lined up with what I need to get something resolved, and that's really valuable with new boaters like us." 

Press play below to hear all of what this cruising family had to say!



The Rogers' Ask a Leopard Owner presentation drew big reviews from the livestream’s audience, who appreciated the honesty and delivery, "I appreciate hearing real experience from 'real”, meaning normal people. This type of thing is more relevant and relatable and contributes more to making this dream a reality than does traditional marketing," said one viewer. "This was very well done. I found it highly informational and it exceeded my expectations.," said another.

Check it out! We invite you to watch the video above and enjoy the livestream event.


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