A Day in the Life of a Sailboat Model

Marketing Coordinator by Day, Yacht Model by Night

As a new college graduate in 2019, I never expected to land such a cool gig as my first job in the "real world." Two years ago, I was just a kid looking for someone to hire me in the midst of a global pandemic. Boy, did I luck out! Getting to experience the perks of traveling with Leopard Catamarans has not only taught me about the yachting industry but opened my eyes to the vast and beautiful world that is out there to explore. Now I'm still a kid, but a happily employed one!

Within one month of starting my new position, my boss told me to pack my bags for my first Miami International Boat Show. She also told me to pack extra, for we would be leading a photoshoot for our newest yacht model at the time, The Leopard 53 Powercat. "We don't hire models," she said. "We just use our employees in the photos!" I wasn't going to turn down a week-long trip to the Bahamas spent on a Leopard Catamaran. All the traveling felt chaotic but in the absolute best way. To a newbie, this was the coolest thing I'd ever been a part of. I couldn't wait to set sail!

A Sailing Newbie 

Truthfully, I had never been sailing before. Sure, I had been on plenty of cruises and boat rides, but true sailing was never something I had seen or been a part of. My first trip to the Bahamas for a photoshoot was all smooth sailing - pun intended.  We spent most of the day basking in the sunshine, stopping for a dip in the water for some photos, and taking orders from the photographer. Who wouldn't love to sit pretty, sipping a cold beer on a yacht all day? It took me a couple of boat rides later to realize that I was a victim of seasickness, but only when there was bad weather hovering over us. I learned the hard way that nausea medication is my best friend when stormy seas lie ahead. I'm now better prepped when it comes to attending photoshoots!

Wake Up Call

The best lighting for photoshoots actually takes place in the morning. I've done plenty of photoshoots that entail waking up at least thirty minutes before sunrise, putting on a clean face, and scarfing down breakfast to get the perfect million-dollar shot. It makes sense that sunrise highlights the beauty of our catamarans - because the lighting is the perfect amount of bright and makes for a beautiful backdrop while the cats are out sailing. Some of our late nights turned into sleepy mornings as we rolled out of our cabins before the sun came up. 

Fun Destinations 

One of my favorite things about attending our company photoshoots is the amazing destinations we get to travel. I've had the opportunity to see the beautiful ruins in The Dry Tortugas, the tropical islands of Key West and have even gone as far as the Bahamas. Not only do I get to experience these breathtaking places, but I also get to spend time there with great company! It's always a group of different photographers and employees, so I am continuously meeting new, fresh faces and having a blast while making new friends. 

Memories of a Lifetime

As if traveling to tropical paradise wasn't enough, the memories I've created attending company photoshoots are some that I'll never forget. From learning to sail to midnight laughs, to quality friendships and swims in the crystal clear Atlantic, these photoshoots have taught me so much about the yachting industry and adventure in itself. Many years from now, I'll be able to tell my kids about the awesome work trips I got to attend as a young twenty-something. You know what they say - if you do what you love you'll never work a day in your life.


They were right. 

Cristina Strait

Cristina is a Yacht Sales Marketing Coordinator and Event Planner specializing in the growth of the sailing and boating industry.


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