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Launching the Refreshed Leopard 45

Feb 26, 2019

Product Details, Leopard 45

Keeping true to the standard of the Leopard brand and our strong desire to continually innovate, in addition to taking into consideration the feedback that we have received from our customers, we were eager and excited to launch the refreshed...

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Happily Ever After on a Leopard 45

Feb 06, 2019

Owner Stories, Leopard 45

Ben and Nancy met seven years ago, and they have been enjoying every moment of life together ever since. 

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Caribbean Cruising on a Leopard 45

Sep 25, 2018

Leopard 45

After 13 gallons of sunscreen have been applied, when the Pusser's Painkiller Rum starts to wear off, while I can still feel the rolling of the waves as I come back down to earth, and while my sea legs are still activated, I can't help but...

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How to Safely Set Anchor

Mar 15, 2018

Leopard 45, Boating Tips

We all know that novice sailor who stays on anchor watch all night the first twenty times on an overnight anchorage for the simple fact that they can’t sleep. We also know the seasoned sailor who drifted on anchor while peacefully asleep, only to...

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Join Us in Miami 

This February the Miami International Boat Show will be the place to be! For the first time ever we will be showcasing our entire fleet of Leopard Catamarans in one place, including that all-new Leopard 50. Be one of the first people to see the...

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Yachting World Germany Nominates the Leopard 45 

Oct 19, 2017

Leopard 45

The Leopard 45 has been considered for Boat of the Year by Yachting World Magazine in Germany. 

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