Building Excellence: A Catamaran Production Tour at Robertson and Caine

The opportunity to visit the place where the world's best sailing and power catamarans are produced was the experience of a lifetime. I found myself immersed in the extraordinary exploration of the hidden artistry behind building a catamaran—a journey that left a lasting memory I will never forget!


Imagine the scene: a peaceful morning, a cup of coffee and the Caribbean as your backdrop. It is here that gratitude fills your heart for the remarkable journey that has led you to this moment. This catamaran has become the key to unlocking the world's most pristine destinations. Your thoughts inevitably turn to the artistry that has brought this vessel to life—a labor of love that requires craftsmanship and specialized skills, all coming together, to create an awe-inspiring masterpiece.


Exploring the hidden artistry of building a catamaran was an unforgettable experience that deserves to be shared. It is a true art form with each artisan specializing in their unique craft, culminating in a masterpiece of the sea.



Observing the Artists at Work: Creating the Leopard Catamaran

Witnessing the creation of an ocean-going yacht is captivating, but the true magic lies in the meticulous attention to detail and personalized touches that make each vessel a unique paradise. At the Robertson and Caine (R&C) factory, we were astonished by the specialized trade skills involved in crafting each catamaran. From observing the precision of woodwork to witnessing the intricate application of fabrics, we were immersed in the process that transforms raw materials into magnificent vessels. Experiencing the dedication and artistry firsthand enabled us to appreciate the bigger picture of what's required to create these seafaring masterpieces.


The factory tour took us through three production sites around Cape Town, where we discovered a uniformly consistent process across all lines. Each factory was managed with meticulous attention to detail, overseen by managers with a pursuit of perfection. Supported by a team of expert craftsmen, an R&C catamaran came to life.


Bolt Ave-

First Stop: The Yacht Design Office

Our journey commenced at the heart of the design process—the Fishbowl. From this panoramic room, named by the team, we gained a bird's-eye view of the production line. It is here that ideas are conceived and transformed into reality. Every aspect, from cabin layouts to window placement, is thoughtfully considered. This is where the magic begins.


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Step Two: The Moulding Shop

The creation of a catamaran unfolds in the moulding shop, where the hulls are crafted and fused together by the bridgedeck. It was a sight to see as the line of boats gradually took shape, each acquiring its twin-hulled, catamaran form. The hulls are bonded and reinforced, ensuring seaworthiness and the ability to conquer even the harshest seas. Once carefully extracted from the molds, the catamaran proceeds to the production line.



Step Three: The Catamaran Assembly Line

On the assembly line, we witnessed the catamaran's transformation from start to finish. We had the privilege of observing the installation of the custom-fabricated stainless steel beam that supports the forward door and cockpit—a vital component present on all sailing catamarans built by R&C. As the catamaran progressed along the production line, it underwent meticulous testing in the pool, guaranteeing its readiness to sail the seas without any complications.



Step Four: The Catamaran Emerges

Following rigorous quality control checks on the production line, the completed boats were transported to the Royal Cape Marina for launch and in-water commissioning. At this stage, we were greeted by the sight of newly-launched catamarans surrounding us. While enjoying a nice lunch at the Royal Cape Marina, we marveled at these new catamarans, prepared to conquer the world's oceans.



Final stop: Cape Grace Marina at the V&A Waterfront

The final step for the catamaran in Cape Town is the V&A Waterfront at Cape Grace Marina. From here, the yachts are prepared to be loaded onto a freighter heading to the yacht's final destination, be it the Med, the Caribbean, Florida or France. Unless of course, you choose to pick up a new Leopard Catamaran in Cape Town. In this case, you should check out our Cape Town Handover Blog.


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Reflecting: Passion and Dedication Shines Through on Exceptional Catamarans

As we left the R&C Factory in Cape Town, we couldn't help but feel moved by the passion and dedication that goes into creating each boat. Witnessing the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail firsthand was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Every step in the process was executed with care and pride. This unwavering commitment to quality makes these catamarans stand out in the competitive world of yacht-building.


As I reflect on our visit, I’m reminded that this is one part of a larger business that brings passion and excellence to every aspect of the operation - from marketing and sales to logistics and beyond. I felt privileged to have been a part of this journey and can't wait to see the next masterpiece that emerges from the Robertson and Caine Factory!

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