The Boating Mom: Mother's Day Gift Ideas

The last 12 have months have been, among many other things, the year for boating. Many families adopted a new interest in this type of social distancing and it is becoming more popular than ever before-- as if it was not popular enough. And in between working from home, home schooling and just the day to day mom life, your boating mom was still able to find time to indulge in boating activities. It has never been more important to show your love and appreciation this Mother's Day. 
Make this year's Mother's Day gift a practical and thoughtful one so she can amplify her enjoyment while she is out on the water. Check out our recommended gift ideas below. 

1. Non-Breakable Wine Glasses

Calling all wine lovers out there! A non-breakable wine glass is a perfect gift for enjoying a relaxing evening in rocky seas. Show mom you care with a durable gift to hold one of her most prized possessions - HER WINE. 

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2. Maui Jim Sunglasses

Nothing says, "I love you" like a pair of quality sunglasses. Maui Jim Sunglasses feature polarised Plus 2 technology, which wipes out glare and stokes the color with a patented multi-layer design. Perfect for a bright, sunny day out on the reflective ocean. With options for both women and men, you can snag yourself a personal pair as well. 

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3. Kanberra Tea Tree Products

Boaters around the world swear by these magic products. Help your mom avoid the "boat smell" with a small gift of Kanberra products that use the power of natural Tea Tree Oil. There are plenty of airborne odor eliminators to choose from, like Kanberra Gel, Kanberrra All-Natural Spray, and even an Oil Diffuser.  View Kanberra Products here.


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4. Waterproof Bag & Phone Case 

It's inevitable that your personal items will come in contact with at least a little bit of water aboard your ship. Now, you can store all of your important items (like electronics and money) in a waterproof bag. This bag makes it easy to keep your belongings safe and dry. With many different options and brands to choose from, you can be sure to find a color and size mom loves. Seaking of, what's worse than a phone with water damage? Now you can take your phone out to sea without worrying about it getting wet. To view some waterproof phone case options click here.


5. Brumate insulated wine set

Keep your wine, water, or other drinks cold for longer with a Brumate insulated drink set. Your mom deserves better than warm, flat beer on her vacation. This set is perfect for the beach, pool, boat, and any glass-free zone. To view set options, click here.


6. Yeti cooler

Your drinks deserve to stay cold, but so do your snacks! A Yeti cooler is the perfect accessory to carry your drinks and snacks on land when your boat is anchored. Keep your sandwiches, fruit, beers, white claws, water, and chip dip cool with this high-quality cooler. 


7. Boat Erasers

Got a clean-freak on your hands? Help mom keep her boat clear of dirt, marks, and scuff with this premium boat eraser. This gift is the perfect tool to keep her boat looking its best by wiping away scuff marks in between deep cleans.


8. Waterproof Speaker 

A speaker is essential to any household, whether you use it to watch tv or listen to your favorite tunes. Why not make it waterproof? A waterproof speaker eliminates the chance of ever breaking your speaker at sea. Your mom deserves to music with peace of mind. 


9. Compass Leather Journal 

If your mom likes to journal, this nautical leather journal is made to hold her shopping lists, devotionals, thoughts, feelings, or dreams! It's good for writing, drawing, stick photos, or articles. Its non-lined paper design allows room for creativity with no limitations. To view the product, click here. 


10. Personalized Cutting Board

Whether your mom likes to cook or not, she can cut her fresh fruit and veggies with this personalized cutting board. With a nautical design, this gift is perfect for any boat owner or boating enthusiast. It's made of bamboo, which is stronger, lighter, and more sustainable for the earth than traditional hardwoods.


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