The Best Blogs from Leopard Owners 

We are lucky to have a community of Leopard Owners who are good sailors, better adventurers and the best bloggers. And thanks to the power of the internet, we can watch our owners live out their dreams! 

Not to mention, it begs the question to everyone dreaming of doing it, if they can do it, why not me? We appreciate the willingness of people to share their best moments, as well as their more difficult ones, because that is how we as readers learn. There is nothing that we love more than the opportunity to see Leopard Catamarans being sailed around the world. Our owners take comfort in knowing that our sea worthy yachts will guide them safely across oceans, considering our bluewater deliveries amount to more than 20 round trips to the moon!

To find your sailing inspiration, check out some of our favorite blogs, brought to you by Leopard Catamaran owners.


Gone With the Wynns

After covering the Americas by RV, the Wynns decided if they were going to see the rest of the world it would have to be by boat. And what better to do this than in the comfort of a sailing vessel. "Curiosity" is a 2005 Leopard 43, which the Wynns purchased in spring 2016. The couple has two leopard-like cats that coexist on board with them, and like their owners, have quickly become accustomed to life at sea. 

What we love about this blog is that the Wynns started from the VERY beginning. They allowed fans to follow along with everything from finding the perfect boat, to the survey and purchase of their boat, to learning how to sail and maintain their boat. They share with their followers (and they have a big following) how to manage making a living while living aboard, how to make boat repairs, how to budget for sailing, and so much more!

If you need some inspiration, this will quickly become your go to blog! Discover Gone With the Wynns HERE.


The Burnetts Ahoy!

A blog by nerds afloat

Have you ever wanted to wake up one day, leave your life of 9-5 behind, sell your house and buy a boat? Us too. But we would highly suggest reading this blog before you do so, because the Burnett family knows exactly how that is done, and they share it all!

Since the spring of 2015 the Burnetts have covered every corner of the Caribbean, crossed the Atlantic, sailed everywhere in the Mediterranean and crossed back over the Atlantic, all while homeschooling two kids and raising a cat.  And while this journey about "The Amazing Marvin", their Leopard 48, will soon be coming to an end, they have plenty of archives for you to explore, and we can guarantee there will be plenty to learn. From daily logs of ocean crossings, to learning how to sail, to sailing into an unmarked fish trap at night, they have done and seen it all. 

The Burnetts Ahoy is a sailing blog you don't want to miss! Check out the the blog here.


S/V Happy Together

Randy and Lenni are passionate about two things: sailing and each other! They are the owners of a Leopard 48, and since the purchase of their new Leopard in 2015, they have documented every crossing and every adventure on their YouTube channel

What we love most about following this blog is that the Smiths are both self-employed, and they manage time between work in South Florida and sailing "Happy Together" from one island to the next. Randy and Lennie use the term pre-retirement to describe the adventurous and hardworking lifestyle that they live, and "Happy Together" resides wherever she was sailed to last. They have a wealth of knowledge on boat maintenance, in fact they handle much of that themselves, and they share a lot of tips and useful information in their vlogs. They have become a great point of reference for people who are considering buying a Leopard 48 and we thank them for that! Some of their most recent sailing adventures include sailing from Aruba to Columbia, and a passage through the Panama Canal!  

This is the perfect blog to follow if you want to live a cruising lifestyle, but you are not ready to retire or be without work. Follow S/V Happy together here!



Author of the blog, Ali Moseley, along with her husband Guyon and their three sons moved aboard their new Leopard 48 "Widago" in the fall of 2014.   Since then they have participated in World ARC, ARC Baltic, ARC Europe and so many more adventures. Ali's sense of humor is well received, and we love watching this family work together to achieve long term and short term goals. Plus, the family throws in good advice every now and again. 

What is interesting about this particular blog is that while their yacht is in Australia, the family is roaming the western United States. Their plan in to hop back on their Leopard in the next couple of months, but we are enjoying their land-lover posts in the meantime. Learn more about Widago by following this link.


S/V Maple

Life's a journey.

"Maple", a Leopard 38, was purchased by Janet and Darryl in the spring of 2015 and the family of four jet setted to the Mediterranean to pick up their new (to them) vessel. Since the journey began the couple, along with their two daughters, have explored every inch of the Ionian, Adriatic and Mediterranean sea, as well as Southern Spain, Northern Africa and the Canary Islands. They completed an Atlantic crossing in January of 2017 and are currently cruising the Caribbean. 

We appreciate that this family shares it all: learning life lessons, caring for our oceans, living aboard, boat buying tips, boat repairing advice and so much more! Read all about S/V Maple and her Canadian Crew by following this link.


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