Ask a Leopard 50 Sailing Catamaran Owner: Tony Ebeyer

Since taking delivery of Leopard 50 Sailing Catamaran DRACARYS in September 2021, Tony has come a long way-- nearly 15,000 miles! And he has some free advice for anyone who dreams of cruising the Caribbean but doesn’t know how to sail: Go for it.


The Ask a Leopard Owner Liveestream with Tony delivered an hour full of valuable information, including why Tony decided on the Leopard 50, what some of the best features are aboard and why he is still happy with his choice a few years later.


Whether you are ready to take the next step into the cruising lifestyle or are new to the concept and just curious, this Livestream recording is a must-see!



Tony had exactly three weeks of sailing education under his belt when he took ownership of his Leopard 50, Dracarys, in September 2021. He’s been adventuring through the islands ever since, honing his maritime skills, making small customizations, entertaining friends and family, and living life from horizon to horizon.

In this recorded Livestream, Tony goes inside his remarkable transformation from non-sailor to cruiser. He also explains in detail why his extensive search for the perfect catamaran landed him on the deck of a Leopard and how he decided on the 50’s numerous available options. 


Tony's Ask a Leopard Owner presentation drew rave reviews from the Livestream’s audience who appreciated his experience and advice. "I think it was great for a novice person like myself just to start thinking about all the little things that you wouldn't know to think about.  I would watch this again for sure!" said one viewer. And another reviewer reveals, "This was super informative and coming from a person that is living it! Great stuff. Love the conversation about factory-installed options and after-market options."


We invite you to press play on the video above and enjoy the Livestream!

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