9 Essentials for Cruising in Comfort 

One of the most exciting things about purchasing a yacht is getting to outfit your boat with all of the creature comforts that are available to help sailors relax while sailing the seven seas.  Of course, the minimalist approach is something to be respected, and if that is your choice of accommodation, we have all of the admiration in the world.

For the rest of us who dream of passages made in a fully-equipped yacht, continue reading to find some of our recommended essentials for cruising in comfort.


  1. Solar Panels

Why wouldn’t you want to collect free power that shines out of the sky, doesn’t make a peep and requires zero maintenance? In the world of cruising today, it goes without saying that you will want your yacht to be outfitted with a few of these clean energy power sources. Of course, what kind of panels you should fit and where will all depend on the size and availability of space on your boat. Do your research and keep solar panels at the top of your list!


  1. Watermaker

If you are in the later stages of making a boat purchase, you are probably all too familiar with watermakers— you've heard the good and you've heard the bad. Watermakers are purifiers that remove salt, bacteria and other impurities that make water undrinkable. It is true that watermakers have a reputation for being difficult to maintain, however the technology of these amazing machines has come a very long way in recent years, and if you practice proper use, your watermaker will be the gift you gave to yourself that keeps on giving for years to come.   

With a watermaker you can stay in beautiful, remote destinations for longer periods of time.  Additionally, a watermaker will save you plenty of time and plenty of money.


  1. Electronics

In addition to the basic equipment that you’ll need (VHF, electronic charting, radar, depth, wind and speed instruments) consider an AIS (Automatic Identification System).  An AIS is intended, primarily, to allow ships to view marine traffic in their area and to be seen by that traffic.  An emerging additional benefit of an AIS is the ability to transfer data to any internet-capable device to provide real-time position data from anywhere in the world.  For communications, consider a satellite phone. They work virtually everywhere in the world and systems have become much more affordable. Pre-purchased data and voice packages can also help restrict accidental overages as well.  Both an AIS and satellite phone make communication and data sharing much easier but also increase safety on board and could potentially prevent much trouble and danger.


  1. Washer/dryer

No waiting in line. No looking for coins. No packing, hauling, washing, repacking and hauling.  Not to mention the ability to handle boat maintenance and chores while your clothes are being washed.  While certainly a luxury, we still find this item to be essential to comfort, especially if you plan on cruising with a family on board. Also, one must consider that not just clothes need to be washed, you will also have dish towels, sheets, blankets, cushions, etc.  You will be forever grateful for making the decision to add a washer/ dryer to your yacht.


  1. Dinghy/outboard

Unless you intend on staying in a marina slip 100% of the time, you are going to need to haul around a dinghy and outboard to get onto shore and explore new terrain. Ask any cruiser out there, and they will agree with us on this.


  1. Stereo system with Bluetooth, USB and AUX

Of course it goes without saying that you will need to have A LOT of music to accompany your time at sea, but a variety will help you get through those late nights and early mornings at the helm. Music provides energy and motivation, and it can relieve stress. We suggest creating playlists for any kind of situation that you might find yourself in, and then create 20 more so that you never get bored with your options.


  1. Generator and air conditioning

To ensure that you experience complete comfort while living aboard your sailboat, a generator and air-conditioning is a must.  Considering the multiple climates that you will eventually endure on your various sailing adventures, you will take great comfort in knowing that your boat is equipped with a generator and air conditioning. Generators provide cruisers with the distinct ability to be completely self-sufficient.  Who wouldn’t want that?


  1. Stern/ Transom Shower

Hop out of the water, take a seat on the transom, and rinse off the salt water. It’s a simple feature that will come in handy time and time again when living aboard a boat.


  1. Cabin Fans

Because the use of your air conditioning will not always be necessary, you will be thankful you had fans installed. They could potentially save plenty of energy that would alternatively had been used by your air conditioning on nights when you couldn’t open up your hatches.


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